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Contact Info

You can reach me at (480) 390-7369 (Direct). You can also send email to

West USA Realty

Kierland Corporate Center
7047 E Greenway Pkwy Suite 180
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Why Call Me to Buy?

There are several reasons. But perhaps two of the most important ones is that it won't cost you anything -- I am paid by the seller -- not by the buyer; And, if you buy a home from the seller's agent, who is representing you? Having your own exclusive representative can be very helpful in the buying process.

Finding a Home

Perhaps you have been driving around looking at open houses. Maybe you've seen a few ads in the paper. You might even have gone to a web site and looked at some listings.

The thing is, the best resource to find new homes is the MLS system, and any Realtor will have access and can find homes for you. They can also waste lots of your time.

I'll sit down with you and spend some time getting to know you, and understanding your needs. Then I will pull some listings for you and see what you think. When there are some you like, we'll go look at them. I don't expect to get it just right the first time; but after I have seen your reaction, I'll be able to zero right in on just the right property for you.

I often know of properties which are not in the MLS system but are for sale. These are not "FSBO"s (For Sale By Owner) in the traditional sense, rather they are culled from a group of sellers I work with who are almost ready to list their homes, but haven't yet made the final decision. I have several "off the radar" listings at any time. Sometimes a seller wants to sell, but they are sentimental about their home and are reluctant to list it but would sell to the right buyer. I also have some exclusive listings, where the property is for sale but is not in the MLS.


One of the most important thing that many buyers initially overlook is financing. In the standard Arizona contract, a Loan Status Report is required to be submitted with any offer. This is a document, prepared by a mortgage professional, which shows the seller that you have the credit and funds to buy their home.

Making an Offer

Perhaps the most stressful part of buying is negotiating the offers and counteroffers with the seller. During the summer of 2005, the market was so strongly a seller's market that if your Realtor didn't have some excellent negotiating skills, you probably would not have been able to buy the home you wanted.

We are in a buyer's market; and more often than not, there is a third party involved in your home purchase -- the Seller's lender! this is because a majority of the homes on the market are distressed and require lender approval for the sale. Therefore negotiating skills are paramount. I have been extremely successful in saving clients' money in the buying process, and I can help you, too.


Generally you get a 10 day "free look" at a property. This provides time for you to inspect it. The inspection might be just a quick walk-through (but I do NOT recommend it!), but more often a certified inspector is hired to perform inspections including termites, built-in appliances, electrical, plumbing, and any other item that might be important to you.

Once you get the report from all these inspections, how do you decide what is important? What isn't? What should you look at in more detail? What is the seller willing to repair?
I can help answer these questions. And, I can negotiate repair requests with the seller so that everyone is satisfied.

Title, Escrow, Closing

I will work to make sure that your loan funds on time, that all the paperwork is ready at the right time, and that all the repairs have been completed on time, so that your closing is on time and trouble free.

Be sure and call or email me if I can help you find a new home!