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Selling Your Home

Every Realtor you meet will want a chance to sell your home. They will just about all tell you what you want to hear. But bear in mind, you are hiring them to provide a service, and more important than anything they say, is what they ask (or don't ask!)

When you sit down with me to talk about selling your home, the very first thing I will do is try to find out why you want to sell. What are your needs? What are your special circumstances? What is important to you?


Many people choose their Realtor based on one or two main things. First, how much do they think they can get for my home, and, have they ever sold a home like this one and/or in my neighborhood?

And I'll be the first to admit, I have turned down listings. If I don't think I can meet your needs, I'll tell you right up front. I'm sure I can sell your house. Maybe not for the price you expect, maybe not as fast as you would like, but I can sell it. If we are just too far apart on what I think is the market value and your idea of a selling price, I'll let you know. Many Realtors will list the home at your price, and then keep coming back to you for price reductions until it sells.

Some of the most successful agents in Phoenix use this approach. Personally I think it is a disservice -- if your home is originally listed at the correct price, it will sell quickly and for more money than if it is listed at a high price followed by periodic price reductions. The longer a house is on the market, generally the lower the ultimate selling price.

Some Other Options

Maybe you don't want the hassle of listing your home and having tours, the MLS, people calling, etc. There are a few alternatives.

First, I can take an exclusive listing, which means I will not place it in the MLS. Instead, I will quietly market to other Realtors with whom I have relationships, I'll market to the neighbors, to my list of buyers, and I will add it to the "Off the Radar" section of my website. It might take a while to sell this way -- although one handled this way sold in two days!

In some cases, I may know of an investor group who would buy your home immediately for cash and with no required repairs. This is not one of the groups who advertises for ugly houses or investment properties, rather this is a small group of associates who occasionally will take an interest in a home. They usually will not offer market price, but will close with cash quickly, quietly, and with no hassles.